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  1. Sauntman
    I just purchased my first scope; an Orion SkyLine 8" in Dobsonian. I assembled it earlier today:

    members/sauntman-albums-skyline-8-dob-picture174119-image.jpeg members/sauntman-albums-skyline-8-dob-picture174118-image.jpeg
  2. Astronut2
    Very nice scope. I would recommend you move the EP holder to front above the handle so you do not bang into it while looking through the scope. It is not a good feeling when that happens.
  3. SteveFour86
    XT8 2009 edition.
  4. elemental_skies
    Hello All!

    I have been an Orion user from the beginning. I started with a Starblast 4.5" reflector. I quickly exceeded the use of that small scope and upgraded to the SkyView Pro 8" Reflector and am loving the upgrade. The SkyView Pro mount for the 8" reflector tube has a weight rating that is a little limiting. I will eventually upgrade to a better mount with a higher weight rating, most likely the Atlas mount. But for now I am very pleased with my results.


    My current setup:

  5. Shabadoo
    I just unboxed a SVP 8 too!
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