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  1. GrandPrixChris
    Orion SkyQuest Classic XT10
  2. jonman35
    Hello everyone. I just purchased the Orion Skyquest X10 Intelliscope. Awesome scope but I haven't used it that much due to the rain and the clouds.
  3. venegascj
    I have a 8" Orion Dob XT8 Classic, I absolutely love it! Have had it for about 3 weeks, can't get enough of it, now trying to decide what eyepieces or filters to purchase.
  4. admin
    Hi Everyone, welcome Venegascj!

    good to hear you have a great time with that awesome light bucket

    whats your budget?
  5. Skipracor
    Hello I just got back in to sky watching, did alot when I was in high school then lost interest. Was on vacation with my grandkinds and this nice young fellow had a scope set up on the beach of all places but he had a great shot of the waxing moon, Wow I was hooked. I asked him how much a telescope like that cost, expecting him to say a 900. to 1100. bucks, when he said 350. I knew I had to have one. Well I got the name and type Orion Starblast 6 I googled orion found it called asked a few questions and got sound advice. It came with 25mm and 10mm plossl eyepiece and I ordered a moon filter and a 6mm orion advanced eyepiece. I got it 3 weeks ago and all I can say is H@#$ WOW is it great. I look at jupiter allmst every night, I see the band, moons. And our moon is spectacular. Deep sky objects look great I see the double star systen in the big dipper. I really like this scope, and it gives me a lot of quality time with my grandkids..............Skipper
  6. admin
    Hi Skipper! nice to hear that you are hooked again!

    welcome to the site!
  7. Remus
    Hello Everyone,

    I have the XT6 Classic.
  8. Ghost UK
    Ghost UK
    Hey guys, had my XT8 Classic for 2 weeks now and its incredible. Also purchased a few Orion eyepieces and barlow.
  9. rv9aguy
    Orion SkyQuest Classic XT10. Just assembled yesterday, hopefully first light tonight if the skies clear...
  10. myy791
    I have orion classic XT10 too!!!great scope but i dont have finderscope with magnification..I just have red dot finderscope
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