What do you look at the most in the sky

  1. SteveFour86
    Figure I would see if we can get some of the cobwebs cleared out here with a bit of discussion. Tell us what your glass migrates to the most in the sky, and why so. Then brag about your Orion device and why you like it.
  2. Astronut2
    I do a lot of outreach with my xt 10 i. When the Moon is up that is my favorite. Other times I stick to the brighter Messier objects for them to look at. For private viewing I use the xt 12 g and visit the Herschel objects and beyond to push the limits of the scope and the sky. Galaxies are my least favorite as there is not a lot of detail to be seen even in my 16" Obsession.
  3. SteveFour86
    I have to say I look at Orion nebula the most in the winter and in the summer it's any planet available. The moon is a mainstay as well. I've had the dob for 8 years now and love it. Thinking of getting a 12" dob or a 6" achro. Not sure yet which way I am going to go.
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