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  1. CU-FLYN
    Hello everyone. I'm a new member who owns a small Tasco refractor for a couple of years, and a novice to astronomy. I think is time for me to upgrade, but can afford the expensive SC telescope. I was reading for the aperture size and reasonable price the DOB is the best way to go. Right now I'm looking into buying an Orion SkyQuest XT12g DOB telescope, or maybe Orion SkyQuest XX14i. Which one woulb be better for me and what would be the difference between both sizes. If anyone can help me to know what could I expect to see through with one of them, and also which would be a good set of eyepieces, barlow, and filters set of good quality but not real expensive.
  2. stargazer1019
    Hello cu-flyn your question on which scope to get and its all about aperture my friend , the 14 inch is your best bet. The only draw back from a large scope like that is portability. The length of a 14 inch dob is is huge.
  3. stargazer77
    I have a 14XXi and it's the easiest telescope for its size to take apart and put together. It will fit in a small car when taken down. I only hav ehad it out 2 times since I got it in November. the weather here stinks in NYS. Good luck in what ever size you choose.
  4. JuanM
    I have an XT8i and I do see some great stuff already so you will really enjoy a 14incher !

    By the way, if it helps I rcently bought a Baader 8-24 zoom EP and a 2.5x barlow. I only use the barlow for planetary and Moon viewing but the zoom EP is great gathering much more detail compared to the sirius plossls that came with the scope. It is very convenient also for zooming in and out without loosing too much focus and you don't have to swap EPs.
  5. JuanM
    Sorry, forgot to mention

    You will certainly need a Moon filter !
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