Help... I need advice!

  1. SaturnLover09
    OK, so i have an Orion XT6. I use it sometimes. I am not sure how to find things, and it seems ad if it is off. (meaning when i use the ez finder, it is not showing what i put it on.) Could someone give me advice on how to operate my ez finder and telescope better?
  2. Remus
    I have the exact same scope.
    Sounds like you just need to align the Finder to the scope.

    Best bet to get it close is in the day (Be very careful to avoid the Sun) find a distant object to look at on land, get it centered in your scopes center view and then adjust the finder to get it in the finder's center and you should be fairly close then.

    You can't really a star or sky object because that are constantly moving
  3. Astronut74
    Remus has it right on. I have the finder that came with the scope and I also have a Telrad. I take a few minutes to align both of the before every observing session. I do this while Im waiting on the primary to cool down. It only takes a minute once you get used to it but it saves alot of frustration, especially when observing in a suburban enviroment like I do most of the time.
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