Starshoot Owners Post Here Introduce Yourself!

  1. admin
    Starshoot Owners Post Here Introduce Yourself!
  2. Ian Spink
    Ian Spink
    Am looking for advice in what extras I need (if any) for using Orion Autoguider with Meade LX90 - please se separate thread.
  3. heatwave7
    Anyone got any experience using a starshoot with a meade lxd 8" reflector
  4. supernov62
    Good evening everyone, I have a Star Shooter Pro and I am just pulling it out after a few years of just sitting and trying to figure out if it even works still.
  5. parrishskies
    Hello Heatwave7,

    I use the DSCI II with my Meade SN8. The camera has worked very well for me. The one thing I do not care for is the Maxinm DL essentials. As far as image capture, it is okay. But I do not care for the processing applications.

    Any specific questions?

  6. satcomsta
    Ok, so here I am, knee deep in the hobby. lots of money invested and trying to get a single decent picture out of the many taken from my back yard. I will, night after night( I live in SoCal, and we get over 300 clear sky nights a year), bring my gear out back and keep trying. One day it will all come together and I will be rewarded with my first real deep space photo. Until then my friends, clear skies and drive on.
  7. Skibum4u21
    Hello everyone..I live in Atlanta GA and just got my new Orion Camera (Its a monochrome...hope thats not an issue) Haven't actually used it yet. Converting from DSLR use. Today is going to be the outdoor daylight field test to get use to using it and all of the camera controls. I have order Bahtinov masks but haven't received them yet. I am hopeful based on comments from some in the general CCD imaging forum that it will make focusing much easier. I would love to hear anyone's/everyones thoughts on this camera and any advice you/they can offer.

    Clear Skies everyone....
  8. pch
    Hello everyone. I purchased a StarShoot G3 a few weeks ago. Just to show you how much of a beginner I am, I didn't realize it needs to be connected to a PC to work! For some reason I thought it could save its pictures on a memory card just like any other digital camera, so that you can then transfer them to your PC and work on them with software.

    Well, since I didn't want to carry my desktop around outside, I got myself a used laptop for $300. Turns out I got a great deal. Works great and very poweful to store images (600G HD) with 6G RAM.

    So now, I'm just waiting for warmer weather and clear skies!

    It would be nice if you can share your experiences with your StarShoot so far in this group.

  9. CloudMagnet
    Hello all. Got a ssprov2 and a starshoot usb with a craigslist purchase. I've not used either but want to image some faint fuzzies/planetary/solar/lunar someday. I look foward to some tips and tricks to help smooth the learning curve.
  10. lenrough
    Hello all! A while back I purchased a Starshoot G3 Color that has seen very little use as I'm much more comfortable imaging with my Nikon D90... that being said I really want to learn how to use the G3 and eventually move away from the Nikon for anything other than occasional wide field (ala Milky Way) imaging. I think I originally put it back in the box because I wasn't too impressed with the software that came bundled with the camera. Nevertheless I hope to exchange some hard won experiences with this group as time goes on. Clear skies everybody!
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