Length of lightpath

  1. CloudMagnet
    First of all I'm completely new to astrophotography. However, I have owned and used 35mm slrs and done film developing and printing so I do understand the basics.

    I got a sspv2 with a purchase of a LS-8 last year. It also had an orion filterwheel and flip mirror for the camera. I know it's probably overkill for my mount but I'm not going for long exposure times. I also have a meade 1206 autofocuser installed. I've had the entire assembly attached once to get an idea of the dec limits without mount bumping. It seems like a long light path. Will I have trouble focusing this setup without using a barlow?

    I also received a starshoot usb and an ioptron ie3000 camera with the deal. Will they come to focus at about the same point? Or should I post this question in a different forum?

    It's still too cold out to do much but when I take it out to play in the day for the first time, I'd like to know in advance of any potential problems.

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