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  1. Celastro
    Welcome to the Orion Lounge, here is where we talk big. Unfortunately i dont have an Orion telescope but i wish to try one out. Has anybody experienced a Orion telescope before?
  2. KathyNS
    I have the Orion f/4 Astrograph. It is a fine scope, suitable for both visual and AP. The focuser is designed for DSLRs, and comes with an extension tube so it can focus eyepieces as well. I am very happy with it.
  3. joecamel75
    I have the Orion XT8 Dob which I think might just be one of the most popular scopes made! Very easy to use from Collimation to looking through the eyepiece. It's been a great first scope and taught me more than I could have imagined. I don't think I'll ever let it go!
  4. Celastro
    Joecamel75, did you ever try using a tabletop orion? Was it comfortable? Looking in it at weird position might not be all.
  5. joecamel75
    I have not tried a tabletop yet but they might actually be more comfortable than my XT8 depending on the platform. Would be nice to customize a table for the "perfect" position. Can't do that with a Dob without a ladder if you want to view things near Zenith.
  6. cbishop
    I had the Skyquest XT6 and it was good however left me wanting more in the galaxy/nebula area so i ordered a XT12i it will be in next week i'll let you know how that one is
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