Favorite Open Clusters?

  1. admin
    Do you have any favorite Open Clusters?
  2. hdelano1
    Asside from M45, I like NGC884 and NGC869 in Persus. I also enjoy looking at M35 in Gemini and NGC2158 (the other double cluster).

    M36,37, and 38 in Auriga are old favorites as well.

    Scott Holland
    Lowell, NC
  3. admin
    Hi Scott welcome to the site Thanks for posting your favorites
  4. Celestron
    M45 and NGC2244
  5. panhard
    M45 with binoculars or low power eyepiece.
  6. Lunar James
    Lunar James
    Young astronomer here, help me about open cluster.
    i want have some open cluster coordinate:
  7. Cladinator
    Wow. It has been a while since anyone has posted in a lot of these social groups. I'm hoping to rekindle the flame.

    I think my favorite open cluster thus far is M25. I just saw it for the first time recently and was blown away by how cool it looked. There were many variables and one of the stars was a deep orange which was an awesome contrast between the dark sky the other bluish colored stars in the cluster.
  8. Pingu
    My favorite open cluster is NGC 6231. Its absolutely brilliant with its many red and blue stars! Can't wait to see it again next summer.
  9. billykkutter
    all of them
  10. jproffitt1
    M25 in Sagittarius and M35 in Gemini come to mind as a couple of my favorite Open Clusters.
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