Favorite Open Clusters?

  1. combat48
    My favorite will always be the Double Cluster in Perseus...

  2. combat48
    When preparing a slide on Bootes as part of a presentation for our local astronomy club I did some research on the Open Star Cluster NGC 5466. It's a pretty nice OC, but probably somewhat neglected.
  3. bladekeeper
    Hi Dave! Isn't 5466 a globular cluster? 5466 is present on the Herschel 400 list and that has caused me to point some glass at it. I've logged it once:

    17. NGC 5466 - Globular Cluster in Boötes, a very interesting glob, not like others I've observed before, a very thick, yet faint patch of light. It appeared to be very large, but did not appear as the "snowball" that you often get with globs. It really reminded me of the low altitude view I had a few months ago of Omega Centauri, a faint, yet opaque patch of light. Very interesting again.

    I may need to point a scope at this one again. It's also on RASC's Finest list.
  4. combat48
    I stand corrected...and it's good to know that someone else is checking out this group!!
  5. combat48
    Reference NGC 5466: Don and I were checking out the goto capability of his 30" Obsession...yes it came equipped with it!!! We checked it out on M3, M13, M51, M81, M82, M92 and finally I thought to check out NGC 5466. When we checked into that area, I couldn't detect anything! That must really be a faint patch! Will try again with less moon beam!!
  6. kingclinton
    Since the conversation has been revived let me have a pitch at it.

    NGC 3532, also known as The Wishing Well Cluster, must rank as one of my favourites. It's sheer size and star count is a wonderful sight.
  7. combat48
    Wow! Just took a look at a Hubble photo of it. That baby is full of color! I'll have to put that on my short list. Thanks for the input.
  8. kingclinton
    It a real beauty and best viewed with a nice wide field 2" eyepiece. Glad you enjoyed the input.
    Makes for great images when doing video astronomy as well, really impressed my wife when she first saw a near real time video feed of it.
  9. combat48
    I'm going to have to check it out with the 30" Obsession with a wide field EP. Note: Just realized I would have to move the scope pretty far South to catch a glimpse of this one!!!
  10. Mirrorgirl

    I really love m45 I love the colour and the ghostly effect it has...I don’t really have a favourite at the moment I just love them all they are all so beautiful

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