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  1. admin
    Welcome to the Open Clusters Group!
  2. rajib2k5
    I am a newbie by "Open Clusters" are you referring to collection of stars or galaxies?
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    The night of the 19th of Jan.,the open and globular clusters were definately very crisp and clear and the faint fuzzies that I normally see were not so fuzzy.Since I got my 3-6mm zoom the views have been priceless.The double clusters below ANDROMEDA were just over flowing with life and I was so excited to view them .I spent 30 min. on each and I would of spent more time,but it was cold and I had an agenda to keep.
  4. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Tonight it's about 630pm est I'm on a mission to view as many open clusters as I can within an hour and give an update for those of you that don't try to even post anyrthing here.Here goes I;m bringingvup stellarium WOOhoo
  5. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Open Clusters of the east below the moon and Jupiter,even on a moonlit night you can view clusters such as NGC1647 to the left of Aldebaran.NGC1746left of CERES and to the lower right NGC 1817 ,1807 ,and NGC1642 all open clusters. The upper left of Alnath you 'll find NGC 1893 , 1907 and while your in the neighborhood be sure to give m36 and m37 a look see. All were observed in a little over an hour and for a special treat I got to track a sattelite passing through my fov.Keep your eye to the sky
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