Highlights of Modern Astronomy

  1. WileECoyote
    Anyone notice there is another astronomy course scheduled for this February 2014 called "Confronting The Big Questions: Highlights of Modern Astronomy"?


    I've already enrolled. I'm hoping by then ill have recovered from the Astro 101 from Duke. LOL.
  2. Makuser
    Hello WileECoyote. Thanks for the update. I looked the other day on Coursera's site, and I didn't see this one on the list of upcoming classes. I will have to go back again and check this our again further. Best wishes to you on the new class.
  3. olddogg60
    A gluten for punishment ay Wile? This course sounds interesting. I just finished the 'Astrobiology' course and started the 'Mathematical thinking' course. I tried to locate the course book but I haven't found it yet. Did you look for the book? 'At Play In The Cosmos', by Adam Frank
  4. WileECoyote
    Whats life without a little pain eh olddogg60? I looked but i could not find it either. If i do ill post a link...please do the same if you come across it.
  5. olddogg60
    >If i do ill post a link...please do the same if you come across it.< Will do. I went ahead and signed up too. I hope that you don't need to get the book from a college book store because that would = spendy.
  6. Makuser
    Hello all. I got your PM Bill, and I went into the group this morning to see what I could do. I do have some administrator tools, but changing the group name is not one of them. I think a good new group name would be "Online Astronomy Courses" Group. This would cover a lot of territory in the future for us. If we can all agree on something, we can then ask a moderator to see if we can change this group name. Best of regards to all.
  7. olddogg60
    That sounds very good Marshall. If you are allowed to do that then we would have a general meeting place that would include all the existing members and any new courses. Thanks my friend. Of course if you can't then a new group?
  8. olddogg60
    If any of the other members of this group are still active, it would be nice if you could chime in here. Thanks.
  9. WileECoyote
    I like the idea of a group dedicated to on-line astronomy courses...that's a good idea guys...
  10. olddogg60
    You know you, Marshall and I might be the last ones standing.
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