Week 8

  1. Makuser
    Well, things are winding up on the course. Even with the extended homework deadlines, and the optional material, this should be coming to a close in a short while for most of us. I hope everybody enjoyed the lectures, if not the homework. Let us all know how you finished up. Best of regards to all the classmates.
  2. Makuser
    Hello classmates. Are any of you still completing the homework assignments? The deadlines have been somewhat extended, and I was just wondering if this has encouraged anybody to forge on. Thanks, and best wishes on your efforts.
  3. WileECoyote
    I'm finishing up week 8 this week...had somethings come up over Christmas that got me a little off track. I'm still trucking through...
  4. WileECoyote
    finished all the HW today. i have to say week 8B HW kicked my butt. I am glad all this HW is over...
  5. Makuser
    Hello WileECoyote. Congratulations on finishing up the last of the homework. Now you can relax for awhile. And, I was wondering if anybody else has braved it out yet. Thanks and best of regards.
  6. skfboiler
    I fininshed HW8 and the class also. Homework Part A was pretty straight forward I got 7 out of 8. However, I tanked Part B. I only got 2 correct. I hope I have enough points overall to get a certificate.
  7. WileECoyote
    Thanks Makuser. Don’t feel bad Skfboiler week 8 HW part B was my lowest score in the whole class. I spent two days on that thing before I called it quits. Good luck to you and everyone else on the awarding of the certificates.
  8. Makuser
    Hello everyone. To everybody that was not able to complete the course due to work, family, or health issues, I understand the Coursera will be offering this class again, so you will get another chance. At the present time, the start schedule is unknown. So, keep checking their website, and your email boxes for more information. Best wishes to all.
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