Week Seven

  1. Makuser
    Let's hit it everybody. We're going to be covering dark matter this week. This should be interesting, even if we can't see it. I just hope the professor doesn't keep us in the dark. Good luck fellow classmates, and best of regards,
  2. olddogg60
    Finished week #7. A much better experience. Less math more explanations. On to PhysicsX.
  3. Makuser
    Hi Bill. Wow, are you done already? Congratulations sir. I must have missed something along the way on here. What is the PhysicsX program that you mentioned.? Kindest of regards to all fellow classmates.
  4. olddogg60
    Hi Marshall.
    Snow and low temperatures can really boost the studying urge. I posted some 'Other Courses' under our group. The PhysicsX is from Michigan Tech and there are many course lectures. There is a real 'Introduction to Astronomy' course consisting of 25 approximately 50 minute lectures.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO7q...C4ACB40CB37B9D These videos are from a previous class so there is no homework to go with them (Darn). The course is the same information just extremely light on the math and without the break neck speed. All the same concepts are covered and the math and constants are discussed to show how they pertain to the course. I will watch these lectures between the other courses. The Coursera Astrobiology class starts on the 28th of January so there will be a week over lap with this course that we are doing now.
  5. Makuser
    I just got the email yesterday with all of the homework assignment deadlines. Is anybody still attempting these? How is everybody doing this week? Best of regards to all the classmates.
  6. skfboiler
    I'm still hanging in there. I just submitted the week 5 homework. Again the homework forum discussions are saving me.
  7. WileECoyote
    I'm still sticking it out as well...halfway thru week 6. Hope to start week 7 this weekend. After this I'm taking a math brake...
  8. Makuser
    Well, I was only joking about attempting these earlier last week. Although most of us are just watching the videos and taking our own notes, I give the rest of you a lot of credit for "hanging in there." Good luck and best wishes.
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