Week Six

  1. Makuser
    14 new lectures and 1 optional lecture. Now where did I leave those Tylenol?
  2. olddogg60
    Week 6 of, 'Introduction to Advance Astronomy/Astrophysics'. If I hadn't done so much reading previously, I would be just plain lost at this point. On to video #7.
  3. i2thesky
    Mw6>(Mw1+Mw2+Mw3+Mw4+Mw5) where M=math
  4. olddogg60
    I see that i2thesky has figured out the master formula. Now we are all set. I can start using my secret decoder ring.
  5. i2thesky
    It is interesting to learn how physicists figure out the universe without my actually having to learn the physics involved. I've been watching the Physics-X series on Youtube, and it is surprising how the two courses parallel each other, but little to no math covered in the other course: https://www.youtube.com/user/thephysicsx (posted by olddog60 if I remember)

    This week I learned not to stick any body parts into a black hole lest I want to pull back a stub; that if I do get stuck in one I'll be sure to take a bag lunch as I may have a long wait while it evaporates, as Scotty will not be able to beam me back out; and I will no longer trust playing with the black marbles in my collection!
  6. olddogg60
    I'm going to stick it out with this course and then I'm going to go through the PhysicsX videos. I imagine they are more of what I expected of this course.
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