Week Five

  1. olddogg60
    Is it just me or is the professor going even faster? maybe I'm just slowing down.
  2. Makuser
    Bill, I think the professor is wound up from the holidays, and the rest of us are worn down from the holidays. Guess we'll just have to keep trudging along, Good luck to all.
  3. Makuser
    I got this email from the Coursera Introduction to Astronomy yesterday afternoon about this:
    "This Hangout will take place at 11:30 AM EST on Saturday, January 5th."
    But, you have to have a GMail and Google account set up to participate. Comments anyone?
  4. Makuser
    HELLO Hello hello (echo), anybody here? How did week 5 go for everybody. Did any of you with the appropriate accounts setup go onto the Google "hangout"? Hope every one is well. Kindest of regards to all.
  5. WileECoyote
    i just finished with week 4... i plan on starting week 5 tomorrow...i have not be able to attend any of the meet-ups.
  6. olddogg60
    Just finishing the last video. My head is spinning like a neutron star.
  7. spaceronin
    yeh i think the ante has been upped yet again!
    Might have to re-watch week 4 as i missed some concepts
  8. WileECoyote
    this weeks HW kicked my butt...here is hoping week 6 is better...i just cant bring myself to just watch the vids...here is to week 9 lol
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