I think I'm done

  1. njjmfm
    With all the work in high school and the stresses of daily life, I think that I will just listen to the videos instead of doing the homework. I thought that we were going to have a lot less math and a bit more of observation. I think that if this class is going to be in the summer, I will take it. I think I'm going to take a class more my style, I'm going to learn Italian. So, I will still be watching and learning about the universe but I am not going to do the quizzes and homework.

    Good luck to everyone on the continuing lessons
  2. olddogg60
    I believe that many of us are taking the same route Joe. I learn a lot from the lectures and I like to see how the calculations are done for orbits, size, composition, etc. I just don't care to take the time to do the calculations at this time. I want to take some of the online math courses to get back up to speed first. The formulas are thrown at us at a rapid and some what scrambled pace and it takes too much time to go back and sort it all out. So I'm just going to watch and enjoy. At the end of January StarProber and I are going to take the Couresa course in Astrobiology. Much less math I'm sure.
  3. Makuser
    Hello Joe. Bill is right in that many of us are not worried about the homework anymore. Bill has a good routine. Download the "slides" and then make any additional notes that you want. Then you can enjoy the course and learn what you can from of it, instead of turning it into a daunting and time consuming challenge.
  4. mick286
    I go along with all that has been said on here about the course and intend to copy Bill's routine. I'm a bit too old for all those calculations and things.
  5. olddogg60
    Oh oh. There are no pdf files for the slides for week five. Yet anyway.
  6. skcusfa
    Bueller..... Bueller...... .Ferris Bueller
  7. i2thesky
    Ahem...........................so I take it nobody is interested in the upcoming Galaxies and Cosmology class from Caltech! https://www.coursera.org/course/cosmo
    I don't blame you; the recommended background and course format look a little stiffer than the requirements for this course. If coursera will let us skip the homework and tests, it may be plenty informative to just watch the video's though, as this course has been.
  8. ghoward6
    I have taken the same route and am just watching the videos the rest of the class. There is too much math.
  9. olddogg60
    The PDF's for the slides are up now by the way.
  10. Makuser
    Thanks Bill. I just got my Happy New Year email from Coursera this morning. Good luck classmates with the new week's lectures and just try to enjoy them. Hope all of you are going to have a Happy New Year.
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