Week Four

  1. olddogg60
    Nothing yet just week #4. The videos are out though. Quite a few short videos this time.
  2. njjmfm
    Thanks for the heads up. I plan in doing all of them during my vacation.
  3. Makuser
    @olddogg60 - I haven't looked at them yet Bill, but hopefully we will get back to astronomy instead of astrophysics.
    @njjmfm - I hope that you enjoy your vacation Joe.
    Well, off we go onto Week 4. Best of regards all.
  4. olddogg60
    Hey Marshall. I don't think that the physics is going away. The professor gets too glassy eyed when he says 'Physics".
  5. njjmfm
    @Makuser- Thank you very much! Have a nice holiday season and a happy new year!
  6. i2thesky
    Week 4 came out a couple of days ago. I've watched over half of them, and yes, physics ain't going away.
    Anybody join the live Google+ discussion the other day? I got a kick out of the one guy with physics degree who thought the week 2 homework was easier than week 1.
  7. olddogg60
    @i2thesky - That is hilarious. When they set up this class they missed the definition of 'Introduction'.
  8. Makuser
    Well, I got the introductory emails yesterday about week 4, and now we will be exploring a star's formation and life span. I got a DVD from our local library a couple of months ago, on the Discovery Channel's first season on astronomy. They covered the birth, life, and death of a star, including the fight for it's survival by lastly trying to fuse helium into lithium. And, they did it without any math or complicated physics. This was fun.
  9. Makuser
    Wow, it’s as quiet on here as it is on the Coursera forum. I know that the holidays will be upon us soon, but is everybody OK? –crickets-
  10. Starprober
    I just finished this week's videos and found them fascinating.....and a heck of a lot more enjoyable now that I have put the homework to rest.
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