Week Three

  1. olddogg60
    So far I have watched 4 of the week 3 videos and they are very informative. I'm learning a lot in this course whether I can do the homework or not and that is what I came for anyway.
  2. boardtrackbob
    Good, me too! Have you seen the message from the prof? They have done a major revamping of how the testing/grading/feedback works. Not a bad thing in my book.
  3. olddogg60
    Thanks for pointing that out Bob. I see that I didn't read all of the way to the bottom of the email.
  4. olddogg60
    I did take a look at week 3 homework. Lets just say that I am still laughing. I sure it is doable but nothings changed.
  5. olddogg60
    If you like getting over run with information video #6 will do that for you.
  6. Starprober
    I have only watched videos 1-4 so far.....I knew there had to be a catch coming somewhere.
  7. Ezsharkman
    That greenhouse gas video melted my mind.
    i also agree that this week the videos do have some really interesting great stuff

    So far on my tests i have 26 correct out of 51 questions. not looking good... but who cares. i now know that the earth had 2 and a half hour days at one point.
    Bam! see i learned something and that's what its all about =)
  8. olddogg60
    I'm finding the course very interesting but I'm not going to worry much about the homework. The lectures go way too fast when he covers the mathematics and deriving the formulas. It would be fun to calculate some of this and I can some of it but that isn't why I signed up for the course. The professor just can't throttle back to an introduction course level. If you noticed, in video #6 he got quite excited when he said that now we were going to do some Physics. I'm just not interested in spending the time it would take to unscramble the calculation explanations in the lectures. But like Ezsharkman, I'm learning a lot and that is why I'm here.
  9. Makuser
    I think Bill hit it on the head. This could be a case of diminishing returns. The more one frets about the homework, the less impact the lectures have. So, like the rest of you, I just watch the lectures, learn what I can, do the best that I can on the homework, and try to enjoy the course.
  10. Ezsharkman
    have you all gone in the week 3 homework discussion forums lately?
    Nobody's there! LOL
    Just Crickets
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