Homework deadline extended for week 2

  1. Myke
    Week 2 Homework is now due on the 24th rather than today (10th). It's noted on the course homepage to the right side.

    Instant feedback on homework submissions is also returning.
  2. Makuser
    Thanks for the heads up Myke. Either this will be a great help for some of us, or just prolong the agony.
  3. olddogg60
    Yea ?????
  4. GrandPrixChris
    Just put me out of my misery!
  5. CAW123
    This is rather annoying actually - after putting in the time to complete the homework before the deadline, now I have to wait even longer to find out my score! I think this makes sense going forwards, however, for those who may not be able to devote enough time each week due to their circumstances.

    Hopefully they will be releasing solutions for Week 2 soon, as I'd hate to have to wait another two weeks to discover that I have misunderstood something fundamental...
  6. Makuser
    Another factor to conseder, is that while we have been given a grace period, many of us will try to re-examine Week 2's work, and this will only intrude on Week 3's lecture time. But, you need to understand Week 2's concepts to grasp Week 3's. Now, my head hurts too.
  7. olddogg60
    Right Marshall. There is another week going on while you are wrestling with the prior weeks homework. While sounding like a broken record, I say this isn't an 'Introduction to Astronomy' course, say Physics instead. I really think this is not what most of us were expecting. Although if the homework problems were presented in a more straight forward manner then I think for most of us the math wouldn't be a problem. Well, back to week #3 lectures.
    Let me add that I showed this course to my wife who did take an 'Introduction to Astronomy' course in college and she said that it was nothing like this one.
  8. caninelover
    In a way, the firm deadlines were nice since, as GrandPrixChris put it. One way or another, you could move on vs. prolonging the agony! I do see that week 3 lectures are shorter, at least, so that's a good sign, I hope.
  9. ghoward6
    I had been considering taking a astronomy course at the local community college until taking this course. It does seem heavy on physics for an introductory course.
  10. Ezsharkman
    Hi gohoward
    I have taken a astronomy course at a local community college and it was hard... but nothing like this
    Don't let this introduction to advanced astronomy physics class change your mind about taking that class. I learned so much from taking one and it was 17 years ago
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