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  1. caninelover
    Has anyone else found the Coursera discussion forums both useful and annoying at the same time?

    There seem to be the inevitable threads with someone challenging a number that was given in the problem vs. what the 'actual' number is from internet research; then there are a bunch of threads that are hard to follow; then every once in awhile the TA will jump in with a cryptic hint which is sometimes helpful, sometimes not. After you wade through all that, you come across the one post that asks/answers the question you actually had about setting up the problem.
  2. olddogg60
    I have waded through a few of them and I know exactly what you mean.
  3. Starprober
    I have to admit that I have managed to extract after much effort some help to get a few of my answers from those forums, but sorting the good from the useless is about as tough as the original problem......if not more so.
  4. Ezsharkman
    I agree!
  5. Makuser
    About the time you think you are getting somewhere with the posts on the Coursera forum, you find contadictory posts, and only waste more time trying to figure out what is what. Then it gets even more confusing.
  6. CAW123
    That's true. I found the forums most useful in week 2 to confirm my answers with those "answer is x.ye5, where x+y=10" games. I didn't want to move to the next question on if I could confirm my answer (and that I understood the question) first.

    It looks like a lot of the week 3 homework is applying equations and techniques from week 2 in different situations. Hopefully we will get a chance to become familiar with this stuff through practice, rather than being swept away by a torrent of new maths coming at the same rate as last week?
  7. spaceronin
    haha yeh i agree,
    then you get those posts with 0 upvotes that send you on wild goose chases hurdling you around the table of constants.
  8. Makuser
    Hello Spaceronin. If you look at the Week 4 thread, you will see that most of us are now ignoring the homework and just enjoying the lectures. With the homework burden off of our backs, we can concentrate more on the lectures, taking notes, and learning what we can. Makes sense to me.
  9. olddogg60
    Hey Spaceronin, I'm with Marshall. Most of us signed up for an 'Intro to Astronomy' course, not a Astrophysics course. I myself would like to be able to do the problems but with the scrambled and speedy way the information is presented I'm just not interested in investing the time to dig out the info. To anyone who does want to go that far, I say more power to you. Some of us are signed up for an 'Astrobiology' course that starts the end of January. So I need to rest my brain for that one. This astronomy course is very informative and much more fun when You don't worry about trying to keep up with the physics. Unless that is fun for you which I can understand. It is cool to learn how the different aspects of the planets, moons and stars are calculated.
  10. ghoward6
    I have found that the lectures videos seem to go very fast and trying to write down the information is hard to do. A friend from work who is also into astronomy gave me a book called "Universe" and it is very good because it follows along with what we are doing in the class. It has most of the formulas and some extra things to learn. If you can find a copy it might be very helpful.
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