Might Help the Math Part

  1. Melissa 44th Lat NY
    Melissa 44th Lat NY
    I found this site. It has some basic astronomy tools as an extra study/brush up on skills. Might help the math part of this course. It has links on the left side for algebra, scientific notation, calculus, and physics with a bunch of other things, some of which might come in handy.

    Basic Mathematics - Introduction

    Good luck!
  2. olddogg60
    Thanks Melissa. Here is another one that was listed in one of the emails. Space Math @ NASA There might be some help in there some where.
  3. Melissa 44th Lat NY
    Melissa 44th Lat NY
    Thanks Bill I missed that! I was looking it over and I'm thinking, NASA should design our high school math courses. I might have fared better since I was immensely interested in space at that age.
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