Week Two

  1. Ezsharkman
    I just took a look at the homework for week two. I read the questions and my nose started to bleed like i was the dad in the movie Firestarter. Yikes!
    Just kidding

    This week consists of 22 questions with only 2 of them being multiple choice

    My new game plan is that i printed out the homework before I watch any of the videos... that way i can make notes when he is talking about the related subjects for the questions

    You can preview the homework assignments without it counting as an attempt as long as you dont hit the "submit answers button"

    Good luck to us all
  2. Telstar
    Yikes! Just seen them too!

    May the force be with you all.....
  3. GrandPrixChris
  4. olddogg60
    I'm not surprise. I figured the course would ramp up. Time to dig in.
  5. Makuser
    Well, after covering the Earth, Sun, and Moon, I figured we are going to be for a tougher fight from now on too, as we move on into gravitational relationships.
  6. GrandPrixChris

    I am actually learning though.
  7. caninelover
    I was unnerved when I took a look at the homework, but I find this weeks lectures much more understandable. The problems in mid-lecture at least are easy to figure out and I like how it gives an explanation too, as I did the algebra a bit differently on some questions but still arrived at the same answer, so it was good to see the explanation figure it from a slightly different angle. I'm sure I'll still be stumped on the homework though
  8. jes29651
  9. boardtrackbob
    Yep, the questions are tough! My danged confuser (computer) has such a slow connection speed that I can't get through a lecture today. They keep freezing, and the spinning cirlcle of buffering just spins and spins and spins and....... It took me about half an hour to see half of the first short video. At that rate it takes an hour to see 15 minutes worth. I lose a lot with the stops, sometimes I can understand, sometimes it is too garbled. The joys of living in the country are many, but connection speeds are not one of them.
  10. Telstar
    bob, look on the bright side - you get garbled video but dark, dark skies!

    Have you tried downloading them? It may take a few hours, but then you could watch them offline?
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