Week Two

  1. Starprober
    I like watching the lectures a lot and have gotten a lot from them so far.

    For instance I have concluded that Professor Plesser (F) is throwing tons multiplied by tons of information (m) at us way tooooo fast (a).
  2. vpgaliet
    Unfortunately, I didn't get any of the homework done this week. I just barely finished the last video this morning. Oh well, can't change it so on to week 3 and hope I can do better!

  3. olddogg60
    Like Will, I'm just going to enjoy the lectures that go with this 'Introduction to Astrophysics' course. I did understand Will's computation above and concluded that it was correct to 6 significant digits.
  4. GrandPrixChris
    Will, that is an awesome formula you posted.
  5. Myke
    With instant feedback available for week 2, I've been able to start figuring out a lot of my mistakes (with still plenty left to do). Realizing a lot of the homework requires combining formulas in ways we weren't shown how to.

    If anyone wants help on Wk2 Part B homework (questions 5 and 8 I'm still working on but, I got the rest of them), let me know. I only got 2, 3 and 5 correct on part A so far and haven't taken time to work on those yet, so I'm not much help there at the moment.
  6. Makuser
    Will, I think the formula is Frustration = Migraines * Aggravation.
  7. olddogg60
    Good point Marshall. These are parallel formulas producing the same answers.
  8. njjmfm
    I only got 2 answers right on both hw's last week. I may try them again, but there's always next week. What is the passing grade for this class?
  9. njjmfm
    Calculated my grade right now, 23%. Sigh.
  10. Starprober
    The good news on Week Two is I got all my answers right...the bad news is I only answered 9 out of the 22 of them.......lol

    May tinker with it some more due to the extended deadline now.......but still leaning towards just watching the videos and enjoying. Week three's videos have been very interesting so far.
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