Professor Plesser

  1. i2thesky
    No doubt I'm not the only one to dig into our professor's background. Very interesting teacher with a Harvard education, as you've probably read somewhere in Google's search list. I found this little video of Ronen explaining the creation of our astronomy course, with a few physics demos thrown in (I saw him flinch when the ball returned in his face). Must have been an instant of mistrust in his education! The Making of an Online Course: Ronen Plesser - YouTube

    To my surprise, we share the same hobby, other than astronomy. I found a page of photo's of the professor in his younger years, or at least he sure looked considerably younger, but these were no doubt taken in the late 90's. I learned at this very same Southern California location beginning in 2002.
    Ronen Plesser Paragliding Photography

    We truly do live in a small world.

  2. Ezsharkman
    Looks like we will be getting some cool video explanations on future subjects. Reminds me of Mr Wizard... and i loved Mr Wizard =)
    Thanks for sharing =)

    quick ? Did you ever paraglide above blacks beach?
  3. i2thesky
    Heh heh! I go down to Torrey Pines once or twice a year, and yes, I've had to land on the beach a few times. Then there is the running joke about having to land among all the naked fat guys, or worse, have one of them offer to help fold your wing! I usually visit when no crowds are around, so don't have that problem. My main flying site is at a spot called Soboba, which is located about 30 miles North of the Palomar Observatory. The dome is easy to spot from the hillside or in the air.

    I remember Mr. Wizard too! I wonder what happened to him. I don't remember his name, but I used to watch the artist pictured in your avatar too.
  4. Ezsharkman
    I grew up in Carlsbad and would go to blacks beach to surf when i was younger. The naked guys playing volleyball were not my favorite sight =)

    I saw this video that someone made of Mr wizard ... he was mean! LOL
    Mr. Wizard's a Dick - YouTube
  5. olddogg60
    >The naked guys playing volleyball were not my favorite sight =)< Thanks for that visual Ezsharkman.
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