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  1. olddogg60
    Ezsharkman mentioned another course on Astrobiology starting on January 28 which sounds very interesting and there are no background requirements. https://www.coursera.org/course/astrobio Another course starting on January 07 on Galaxies and Cosmology. This one has stiffer requirements. Such as astronomy, physic and calculus which would make this course a challenge. I have had physics and calculus but that was sooooo long ago. https://www.coursera.org/course/cosmo
  2. CAW123
    Thanks for this (and to Ezsharkman also). I've been meaning to brush up on my calculus for quite some time - maybe the Galaxies and Cosmology will provide the motivation to finally do so. No harm in signing up and checking it out anyway..
  3. olddogg60
  4. Starprober
    I can see now this could become an obsession....just sayin.
  5. olddogg60
    Need more data my precciousss!
  6. olddogg60
    Two more courses in astronomy and astrophysics with a minimum to no math from Michigan tech.
    Starship Asterisk* • View forum - Classroom: Introductory Astronomy
  7. Makuser
    Wow, an astronomy class with minimal math requirements and no astrophysics. Sign me up.
  8. olddogg60
    Actually the is no signing up. Just go to the link and start watching the videos.
  9. i2thesky
    Thanks for posting the PhysicsX link. I've watched parts 01, 02 and 03 so far and was able to easily follow along. The professor has a knack for making the math sound simpler than Professor Plesser does, and it has now sunk in that all the greek letters are just constants to be plugged into the equations.
    It's only been 50 years since I've had to do any of this stuff. Maybe an old dog can learn a new trick or two!
  10. olddogg60
    This old dog is trying (Emphasis on trying.) to learn some new tricks.
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