How's everybody doing?

  1. Melissa 44th Lat NY
    Melissa 44th Lat NY
    It's pretty quite here. Everyone enjoying the course so far?

    I'm finding it interesting. I've been using an EQ and alt/azimuth has been like a secret language to me spoken only by wizards, ha ha. I think I've seen "sidereal" used in this forums a couple of times and have had no clue at all. Pretty cool to be unlocked those mysteries now.

    Starry Night software is available for a one year lease at student rate for $14.95. Has anyone else taken that up? I've been using the stripped down version that came with my telescope, and I am just blown away by the pro edition Starry Night college. I've been debating getting the pro ware for a while now, but I wanted to know if it would do all the things I would want for helping me at the telescope. So far I've been blown away! I love night vision mode, I was like, "No way! Dooood!"

    Anyone else have experiences to share so far, thoughts, bald spots? How do you like getting to study astronomy in Athens, Greece?

    Clear skies all
  2. vpgaliet
    I have been enjoying the course! I finished up the Week 1 video lectures and homework assignments this evening. It's pretty challenging but I don't mind doing the work. Considering it took me multiple tries on both parts, I probably need to do a lot more work.

    What I like most about the course is it's making me look at the sky with a better understanding. I watch the moon throughout the lunar cycle and don't really think about how and why it changes position in the sky...why it rises and sets when it does...and one thing I thought was really cool was why you see the moon during the morning daytime hours when it's in the waning phase, and in the afternoon daytime hours during the waxing phase. Those are things I took for granted before, and now I have a new appreciation for them.

    I took a quick look at the syllabus to see whats coming in the weeks ahead and I'm excited!

  3. olddogg60
    I have week #1 wrapped up too. I'm really enjoying this course although I'm sure it will get harder soon. We have covered some subjects that I was familiar with but I know them better now. I got the $14.95 student version of Starry Nights and I would say don't. Stellarium will do just fine. This Starry Nights version doesn't run worth a darn on my computer. Your mileage may vary but I won't bother.
  4. Starprober
    I too am really enjoying the course thus far! It took me quite a few tries to get all the homework right, but that is what learning is about, right?

    When I got my Orion scope a few months back it came with a free version of Starry Nights software; however, that would not run on my computer right (possibly due to me having to have Windows 7 32-bit version for work purposes). Stellarium fortunately does support 32-bit so I am using that and have been happy with it.

    I really like what I have learned so far. For instance being able to know an object's declination and computing its maximum atlitude at my location is cool stuff. I may have known how to do that nearly 40 years ago when I took Astronomy 101 before, but it is new to me now! lol
  5. Ezsharkman
    I completed the tests =) 2 be honest with you some of my answers were my best guess and when i got it right it was luck. I need to go figure out why now. I have 100% on both tests and am excited for next week. I also signed up for another class that starts in late January "Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life"

    looked kinda cool
  6. Myke
    I'm really enjoying the course so far, just wish I had more quiet time. It's hard to find the time to think at this level with 3 kids in the house... Still have to finish the last video and figure out the last 2 questions in homework but, I should be done by tomorrow. That Astrobiology course sounds very interesting. Might sign up for that too if I can finish this one.
  7. olddogg60
    The first time I ran Starry Nights Student addition the opening screen had a selection for tonight's highlights. I thought that that was cool and selected the box and that is when the program locked up. Cool. I tried to run the program a couple more times without much luck. This is with Windows Vista. Setting up the scenarios in Stellarium can be helpful. Remember you can run the applets used in the videos here.
    NAAP Astronomy Labs
    Another link that helped me was this one.
    Small-angle approximation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I'm going to check out the Astrobiology course. Thanks Ezsharkman.
  8. Melissa 44th Lat NY
    Melissa 44th Lat NY
    It's worth reviewing the Course Corrections. Each lecture has some mis-statements. I haven't been to clip 6 yet, but one if it's corrections I think needs correcting:

    Clip 6: Ronen said the Moon, being close to the ecliptic, is highest in the summer. This is true when the Moon is near the Sun, i.e. at full Moon.

    The Moon near the Sun is in new phase, so I think that should state, i.e. at new Moon.
  9. Melissa 44th Lat NY
    Melissa 44th Lat NY
    Loading Starry Nights that comes with Orion telescopes can be problematic. I've experienced needing to uninstall the pre-required programs on its list like Quick Time and Adobe Flash player, where I had Adobe X. Starry said I had updated or better versions and it would not install although it said it was good. I ended up having to uninstall those and allow SN to install them. You would need admin permissions on your system to make those changes.

    Next problem with SN is that it auto fills the user name of the desktop you are using. It does not take that information from any information you give during registration (there is a process that you do that with Orion edition before you receive the e-mail with instructions). You need to correct that field and get your username from the e-mail it sent you. I did not have trouble with pre-requisite programs, the installation didn't even seem to check for them.
  10. Melissa 44th Lat NY
    Melissa 44th Lat NY
    New problem I had with college edition is lock up at initial start up when it prompt you to add your location before the program is even up and running. It is best to cancel those windows and let SN open. Then change your location from the top menu in Options > Viewing Locations. After you set your location there, you will need to hit the home button in the UI panel at the top (Next to spaceship).
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