How's everybody doing?

  1. i2thesky
    On second thought, if I were to have the homework questions handy before watching the video's, I may be inclined to not pay as much attention until a homework topic pops up. I don't want to miss the rest of the material just because there were no associated questions. The best plan is probably to take notes the first go around, and watch the video's multiple times if needed. No doubt those notes will come in handy later in the course.

  2. Telstar
    Homework done!

    Was a little trickier than I thought - really interesting course so far though! I went to bed last night trying to work out how high the moon would get and when! Can't wait until tomorrow for the next stage!!!

  3. che
    I finished the lectures this morning and have some fine tuning to do with the homework. The biggest revelation for me came with the discussion about the wobble of the earth and why the pole star and constellations change relative position given enough time. I really dug that part about being in the "Age of Pisces" and approaching the "Age of Aquarius" (just like the song!). I didn't know this was caused by the Earth's wobble and pole stars will return position given enough time. That was something new and really cool. I found it a good introduction to the idea of the astronomical time scale as opposed to the human time have to go back to the time of building of the Pyramids to see a change in the position of the pole star. This is just a miniscule movement of the astronomical clock!
  4. Makuser
    Hello Cliff. I got a late start, as some health issues came up in the family earlier. And then when I got all ready with my pencil, notebook, calculator, and computer headphones, I found out that my IE would load the text stuff (corrections, constants, etc.), but when I pressed the video lectures.....phhhhhht!. I downloaded the Chrome browser program, fiddled with it setting it up and learning how to use it. It was worth the lost time, as the course videos came right up. I finished the last video and the homework earlier this afternoon. I am ready for next week, as I have equipment that works now, and I have a feel for the Coursera website as well. So far, the course has been fun. There certainly were a few times I had to work the video sllider back to replay and catch "What did he just say?", as I am taking notes along the way of each video. See you all next week - same time, same channel. Best regards to all on here.
  5. dacker
    I mentioned this in another post but I just completed the homework for week one. I forgot math, but after a while working with the numbers I got it. Already learned a bunch of cool stuff with this class. Can't wait for next week - Newton's Laws? LOL!
  6. boardtrackbob
    I live in the boondocks, and things like high speed internet don't exist for me. Try dial up speed where I live. I get lots of buffering of the lectures. It takes forever!!! to download the lectures to avoid the buffering. I am having fun with it, though, and the learning is soaking slowly into my brain. It is tougher math than I am used to doing, but I can struggle through it so far. Update...I finished my homework. I sat and worked and reworked until I got saddlesore! I had trouble with a lot of the math, but was able to "logic" my way through. About half of it I got right the first time. The rest of it required more patience and head scratching, along with drawing things out on paper. Whew! Glad that's done!
  7. caninelover
    I thought it was definitely tough, but enjoyable. I think it would be helpful to work through some more actual examples in the video lectures, but the class forums are very helpful.
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