Were up and running

  1. Makuser
    Ok, thanks to Gordon's suggestion, I have now set up a place for us to meet. Remember the forum rules. Discuss, help, learn, and have fun. But NO answers or cheating, or you'll get me and the rest of us in a lot of hot water. Most kindest regards to my fellow students.
  2. ghswen
    Congrats on the new group!

    Best wishes to all for the A+ in your studies.
  3. PatrickArcher
    Good luck everyone! I'm pretty excited for this course!

  4. olddogg60
    Well, as big as this group is going to be, we are going to have to hide behind my tent in shifts.
  5. Ezsharkman
    Awesome job getting this group together =)
    Cant wait
  6. Tony M
    Tony M
    Thanks! Good to go.
  7. Starprober
    Hey classmates! Great that we have our own forum!
  8. loricros
    This will be so helpful!
  9. Arringar
    Look forward to getting started!
  10. Melissa 44th Lat NY
    Melissa 44th Lat NY
    I'm in! So looking forward to class!
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