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  1. Daktor
    Following on from a post in here i have found a number of free courses on the Open University Open Learn website, they range from intermediate to advanced levels. So far i have done 5 of them and they have all been really interesting. Not only about astronomy but also astro physics and cosmology. If you go to the website you can search the courses and go from there.


    Comparing Stars
    Galaxies, Stars and Planets
    The Moon
    The Sun
    The Evolving Universe
    The Big Bang
    Jupiter and its Moons
    The Restless Universe
    Introduction to Active Galaxies
    Icy Bodies: Europa and Eslewhere


    Open Learning - OpenLearn - Open University

    Hope you enjoy them as much as i am!
  2. combat48
    Thanks! Some fun...and informative...lessons! Check out the 60 second lesson on "Dark Matter"!!
  3. sketrip
    Thanks for the link!
    Will be checking this out.
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