A great astronomy course offered again.

  1. Makuser
    Hi all. Here is a great astronomy course that is being offered again, here at:
    Professor Chris Impey from the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona heads this series, along with Carmen Austin, Matthew Wenger, and Martin Formanek. This was available a couple of years ago, and seems to be open to us again. Take a look into to this course, and let us know how you like it.
  2. bladekeeper
    Thanks a bunch, Marshall! Just signed up!
  3. combat48
    So did I! Will provide feedback as I go through the course. Thanks for the heads-up Marshall.
  4. combat48
    I started the course and like the short...typically less than 4 minute..lectures...with backup slides. I also like the Teach Astronomy Website. It's full of great info especially the "Textbook". I haven't had time yet to explore it all. As I have said many times before, so much to do so little time
  5. combat48
    Course is great and full of current information. The one irritating feature about the course I haven't worked out yet is how to bookmark my last position. When I want to restart, I have to page through the Lectures. It's easy because of the Index provided, but not certain why it doesn't let you remember where you stopped.
  6. bladekeeper
    Thanks for the update, Dave! Alas, I've yet to start. I seem to be having too much to do list left when I run out of day.
  7. combat48
    Understand...haven't been able to spend that much time on it myself, but was interested in seeing how it worked. I used the Teach Astronomy Website for source material for my presentations for the club meetings. Some some images and background material.
  8. combat48
    One other thing...I started getting some notices for additional "paid" astronomy courses from the same group...i.e., "Backyard Astronomy" for a minimal fee of $10.
  9. Makuser
    Hi Dave and Bryan. This is one of the nice features of this course. It is open ended and on demand. Which means that you can start when you want (as long as it is still offered), and then continue the lectures when you get the time. Thanks for your posts on this great online course, and the best of regards.
  10. combat48
    Hi Marshall! Have you taken any of their other courses...i.e. the "Backyard Astronomy" course?
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