A great astronomy course offered again.

  1. Makuser
    Hi Dave. I am aware of the Backyard Astronomy course (and others) being offered, but I have too much on my plate lately to jump into these right now. However, maybe some of the other group members might be interested in these other courses. Thanks for the post Dave, and the best of regards.
  2. bladekeeper
    Still hoping to start the course soon on my end. Other projects and these darn spammers, and of course, work, are getting in the way.
  3. combat48
    I know what you mean. Even in retirement my days just seem to fill up fast! Have been spending a lot of time dealing with this support for the library's solar eclipse event.
  4. combat48
    By the way, I got to Lecture 12, Gravity Waves...and have been on hold. I like the short...normally less than 15 minute...lectures.
  5. combat48
    Looks like I have been "bumped" from the course! Had a two week gap...must have been too long !!
  6. combat48
    Turns out I just had to log back on! Found me in the system...and recognized where I was in the course! Pretty sweet !!
  7. bladekeeper
    Whew! You scared me for a minute. I have yet to start!
  8. combat48
    Looks like there may not be any time limit
  9. Makuser
    Hi Dave. Thanks for the update. I am glad that you got logged in again, and can now continue this course where you left off. I had this trouble once, when I took the course the last time it was offered, so I know that it is very forgiving. Thanks Dave, and the best of regards.
  10. Daktor
    I'm doing this course now thanks to this forum. I like to watch the videos when at the gym on the cross trainer, passed and hour in no time! Really interesting course which has taught me loads so far.
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