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  1. quincy
    A couple free at Future Learn:

    'Moons' - one I took about a year ago. An interesting one.
    'GRAVITY! FROM THE BIG BANG TO BLACK HOLES' - no date set for the course yet, but you can register now.
  2. quincy
    Just received an email.
    The course 'GRAVITY! FROM THE BIG BANG TO BLACK HOLES' starts on 9 May.
  3. combat48
    The course on Moons which starts on Feb 29 should be interesting! I didn't realize until recently that Jupiter is the king of planets (moon-wise) with 67 followed closely by Saturn with 62!

  4. Makuser
    Hi Dave. This course on the moons should be a lot of fun, and it starts in only 3 days. I remember when the moons of Jupter and Saturn were numbered in the teens or twenties, based on earth based telescopes and images. However, with the advent of the space probes, this number has really risen since the late 1970's. And, with their tremendous gravitational pull, it is no wonder that they may have pulled in a lot of loose space objects to add to their system. Thanks for your post Dave, and I hope that everone reading thiese posts signs up and enjoys the course.
  5. quincy
    "Gravity! From the Big Bang to Black Holes" starts Monday May 9th if anyone is interested at
  6. Makuser
    Hi Jim. Thanks for the reminder of the upcoming May 9th starting time for this new "Gravity! From the Big Bang to Black Holes" course on futurelearn. I hope that many take advantage of this free course and enjoy it. Thanks again Jim, and the best of regards.
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