I found another free online astronomy course for us.

  1. Makuser
    It's been awhile, but I finally found another free online course. It is entitled "Galaxies, Stars, and Planets", and offered by The Open University. The home page for this course is located here:

    Galaxies, stars and planets - OpenLearn - Open University - S177_1

    The sign up button is located on the on the right side of the page, in the "About this site" window. I think that this will be an exciting course, and that the video presentations can be useful to us.
  2. combat48
    Looks like a great course...and free! Has anyone started it?

  3. Makuser
    Hi Dave. This appears to be a UK based course. I have been up to my neck in alligators here for the last few days, between the yard work and cleaning the house for company this Christmas. I have already registered for this course, and by this Thursday things should finally quiet down here, and I will then start the 8 hour video course lectures. I hope this helps a little Dave, and the best of regards.
  4. combat48
    Thanks...I'm finishing up a course now (one of the Great Courses - Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy) that is really great, but pretty comprehensive and lengthy. Hope to start another shorter one soon. Looking forward to your update when you start/finish it. Thanks again!!

  5. Daktor
    I have finished this one, its not a bad course. I did it in one sitting and it did explain quite a lot and gave me things to think about.
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