A new course for us Astronomy - State of the Art

  1. Makuser
    This highly-rated course, taught by instructors from Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona, covers everything a beginner needs to know about astronomy and the universe — from telescopes to the unity of life. The starting date is listed as:"Always on". You can find it here and sign up at:


    It is free, however you can also take a credited course for a fee. This looks like a lot of fun, so I hope that you all enjoy it.
  2. combat48
    Sounds like a great course! May take it on after I finish up the one I'm working on. /Dave
  3. sasq24
    Im part way through this course. Quite brilliant actually. Easy to understand for non-science folk such as myself. I highly recommend this course!
  4. Makuser
    Hi Sasq24. I am glad that you are enjoying this online course. Things are slow on this discussion group, as there are few sales, equipment problems and answers, or images. However things do pick up quite a bit in the cooler autumn months, so you should see more input, and maybe even some new courses listed. Thanks for your input Sasq24, and the best of luck with your home online astronomy studies.
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