Coursera: The Science of the Solar System March 30, 2015 to June 9, 2015

  1. GrandPrixChris
    Taught by Mike Brown "The Man Who Killed Pluto". < His words. Looks very good.

    "Unlike typical solar system classes, which plod from one planet to the next, we will focus our examination of the solar system on four main topics: (1) Where is there water on Mars? (2) What is inside of a giant planet? (3) How can we use the smallest bodies in the solar system to answer the biggest questions? (4) Where might we look for life?"
  2. Makuser
    Hi Chris. Thanks for the heads up and the link for the new Coursera class on The Science of the Solar System by Caltech's Mike Brown. This should be another exciting course for us this spring. Thanks for sharing this with us on here Chris, and the best of regards.
  3. combat48
    Certainly an interesting set of questions...and a unique approach to studying the solar system!

  4. combat48
    Would appreciate feedback from anyone who took this course. Thanks.

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