The Great Courses on sale...

  1. Desmocrat
    I thought I should let everyone know the The Great Courses is having an 80% off sale and there are several astronomy related courses offered. The big one is Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy. This course is normally $799.95, but is on sale through February 26, 2015 for $139.95. The DVDs include 96 half-hour lectures and a 552 page book. I couldn't pass this one up at this price.

    They are also offering:
    Experiencing Hubble $19.95
    Our Night Sky $24.95
    A Visual Guide to the Universe $29.95

    The Great Courses homepage 1-800-832-2412
  2. combat48
    I just recently purchased two of the courses while on sale: "Understanding the Universe" and "Our Night Sky". The first course I'm working my way through and am thoroughly enjoying the sometimes review, sometimes all new to me experience. The second course I purchased for my 11 year old grandson whom I just now getting interested in all things related to space.

  3. Makuser
    Hi Desmocrat and Dave. Thanks for the heads up on the latest Great Courses sale. I bought my first one, Our Night Sky by Professor Edward Murphy on sale years ago, and I still enjoy watching it. On a Sunday afternoon, my grandson likes to watch it too, but he doesn't always understand everything yet, as he is just over 5 years old. Later I added The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries by Neil deGrasse Tyson, when it was on sale. And I also have a couple of math dvd courses by Professor Arthur Benjamin. Although these are not free online courses, these do get mentioned on this group occasionally, as they are all excellent home courses, and are well produced, educational and entertaining. Thanks Desmocrat and Dave for your informative posts, and the kindest of regards.
  4. combat48
    Worked my way through the first 6 lectures...and a couple of the later cosmology lectures...and am very impressed with the material and Professor Filippenko's instructional style. Will continue to provide updates on the course.

  5. combat48
    A new release, "A Visual Guide to the Universe" is being offered. Has anyone else heard about this course?

  6. GrandPrixChris
    "Our Night Sky" is on its way to my house! I did get the first chapter online out of the way. Could have gotten "Experiencing Hubble" for $10 extra extra as a bundle but didn't.
  7. combat48
    Have completed the first 17 lectures of "Understanding the Universe"; does a good job discussing the contributions of Aristotle thru to Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler and Newton...

  8. combat48
    The Great Courses is again having an 80% off sale on several astronomy related courses. The big one is Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy, normally $799.95, but is on sale through April 2, 2015 for $139.95. I'm currently taking this course and it's pretty good.

    Others offered:
    Experiencing Hubble: Normally 199.95 now $19.95
    Our Night Sky: Normally $199.95 now $24.95

  9. Jeff A
    Still working thru How the world works, Physics, love it, just ordered Our Night Sky. I like having DVDs or CDs, I have slow internet and even slower PC , they are a good company to deal with.
  10. Makuser
    Hi Jeff. Many years ago, we used to live in rural Illinois. And at that time, the best service that we could get was with a 1200 baud telephone modem. I know times have changed since then, but there are still several folks out there in some areas who still have very slow computer service to this day. But, I am very happy that you find the Great Courses to your liking, and I hope that everybody takes advantage of these great sale prices. Thanks for your post Jeff, and the kindest of regards.
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