The Great Courses on sale...

  1. combat48
    Lots of detail in the Understanding The Universes 2nd edition! I'm up to Lecture 53 of 96. Lots to be learned.
  2. Robrj
    The sale is on again. I picked up "Understanding the Universe" for $119 (video only). I've always enjoyed clips with Dr Filippenko. His style is refreshing and he really seems to enjoy the topics. 96 30minute lectures.

    Our Night Sky is $24.95 ( I already have that one)

    Experiencing Hubble is $19.95
  3. Makuser
    I Rob. Thanks for the heads up. I got a catalogue in the mail back in February or so, and another one in May. I haven't received anything this month yet, but the Great Courses Website lists all of the current sales. Thanks again Rob, and the best of wishes for a nice clear upcoming weekend.
  4. combat48
    Great Courses is having one of their 80% off, free shipping sales...ends tonight: The Great Courses« - Audio & Video Lectures from The World. I've gone through a couple: Our Night Sky and An Introduction to Astronomy. Good courses, best purchased on sale.

    Our Night Sky: Video Download - $17.95;
    Inexplicable Universe: Video Download - $17.95

  5. Makuser
    I agree with Dave, that the Our Night Sky, when on sale, is a best buy. Professor Murphy does a superb job in explaining telescopes, the night sky, and adding in excellent mythological backgrounds to our constellations. Although I have purchased many more DVDs from The Great Courses, including other astronomy, math, and theology courses, this was my first purchase, and I constantly refer to it. You just cannot go wrong with this purchase. Thanks for the heads up on this sale Dave, and the best of regards to all.
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