The Great Courses on sale...

  1. combat48
    Great Courses are again on sale over the Labor Day Weekend including several astronomy related courses: Special Offer

  2. Makuser
    Hi Dave. Thanks for the heads up on this sale. For any who do not already have "Our Night Sky", by Professor Edward M. Murphy Ph.D., I can highly recommend this course. It was the first of many excellent purchases from The Great Courses. Thanks again Dave, and the best of regards to all.
  3. Pixiedust
    Thanks for letting us know about the sale. The courses look awesome. There's an additional way to save. I had placed Understanding Our Universe and Our Night Sky in my "cart". In a new Window I searched Retail Me Not website, then searched Great Courses. There are several coupons, I used a $40 off any $200 order. I copy/paste the code and it automatically deducted $40 from my cart. Nice.
  4. combat48
    Great Courses is having another one of their periodic sales. While not as good a price as they sometimes offer, the course Our Night Sky: Normally $199.95 is now $44.95: Our Night Sky | The Great Courses . It is a great course for beginners. I purchased it for my 12 year old grandson and he did well with it.

  5. Makuser
    Hi Dave. Thanks for the heads up on The Great Courses sale. I first saw the Our Night Sky advertised in an astronomy magazine about 5 or 6 years. It was so good and well made, that I have since ordered several more courses from them on astronomy, math, and history (usually when on sale ). You can't go wrong with these video courses from The Great Courses. Thanks again Dave, and a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
  6. combat48
    Another one of their 70% off sales...which does happen often. "Our Night Sky" is a good course for beginners. I purchased it for my grandson. Has anyone gotten "Experiencing Hubble"?

    Thanks, Dave
  7. Makuser
    Hi Dave. I too received the latest sale catalogue a few days ago. In addition to "Our Night Sky", I have also purchased "The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries" by Neil deGrasse Tyson, when it was on sale. These are just superb courses for a rainy day or evening, I can readily recommend any of their DVDs to anyone, who is interested in a continuing education. Thanks for your post Dave, and the best of regards to all.
  8. DM1975
    Looks like they are having a sale now. I just purchased my first course from them and they also have a deal going now where if you purchase $100 you can choose a free course. They only have ten to choose from so I grabbed a math course to go with Understanding The Universes 2nd edition.

    I wanted to edit this to include the fact that the Great Courses has a Roku channel. It's so nice to be able to stream the courses directly to the tv.
  9. Makuser
    Hi Steve and all. Yes another 80% off sale from the The Great Courses, And, besides the wonderful astronomy courses, don't forget to include the Joy of Mathematics and the Discreet Mathematics DVDs by Professor Arthur Benjamin in your selections. This is great education, and you can always rewind the lectures until you "get it right". Thanks, and the best of regards to all.
  10. DM1975
    So far I'm to lecture seven and while the things covered so far a rudimentary but covered in good detail. I can't wait to dive in more advanced but I'm not going to jump ahead. Ice learned something from almost every lecture. I can't wait to get some math courses too.
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