FutureLearn "Moons"

  1. Desmocrat
    New course starts Monday: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/moons

    This course is eight weeks long and they suggest 3 hours per week. I just finished their course on Orion last week. I spent about 1-2 hours on it per week.
  2. Makuser
    Hi Desmocrat. Thnaks for the heads up on the new "Moons" course. The last "Orion" course was a lot of fun, and some good "nuts and bolts" education. So far, these courses have been even better then the Bruce Betts courses, so popular on here for so long. Thanks again for your update and link, your continued support on here Desmocrat, and the best of wishes on your continued enjoyment on your home studies.
  3. Schmidtrock
    I also finished with the Orion course and am looking forward to the Moons course.
  4. Desmocrat
    I'm already liking the Moons course much better than the Orion course. Lots of information to soak up in the first week.
  5. Smonohan
    I have really enjoyed the moons course as well. It has provided a good base of scientific understanding of moon formation and evolution (e.g. Impacts). I felt orion was good, but tended to be very basic and focused on some pretty demos (not always instructive) and not always science.
  6. Desmocrat
    Dang it. I've been holding a 23 out of 24 points on every quiz for the Moons course and the Orion course. This week on the Moons quiz, I blew an opportunity to make a perfect score by misreading the question. Oh well, next week.
  7. combat48
    How often do these courses come up (i.e., Orion, Moons, or similar astronomy courses) on FutureLearn.com? Thanks.

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