Online course: In The Night Sky: Orion

  1. skfboiler
    I just found out about this course today from another website. It starts January 5. It is called "In The Night Sky: Orion - Explore the night sky, discover how stars formed and find out about exoplanets, all through the constellation of Orion". It is only 4 weeks long.
  2. Makuser
    Hi Skfboiler. Thanks for the information on this new online astronomy course from The Open University. This four week course, taught by Monica Grady should be very enjoyable. Thanks again for sharing this with us skfboiler, and I hope that you and all of the members on this group have a wonderful and Happy New Year.
  3. Smonohan
    I am looking for others feedback on this course. I joined a bit late and had to do wk 1 Sunday and Monday, but it was pretty light and easy to do. The second week is a bit more involved and I am learning more of the concepts in the astronomy.
  4. Schmidtrock
    I am enjoying the In the Night Sky:Orion course very much now. I just finished up on week two and started in on week three. The first week was a bit blah but I had to remind myself it is geared for all levels of astronuts. It is really zipping right along now and has my brain humming. I really enjoyed delving into the mechanics of stars quite a bit. I just wish I had photography equipment to participate in that aspect. One thing at a time though :-) Orion is really distinct this winter, or is just that I know how to visualize it better now?
  5. Tom62e
    Thanks skfboiler. I signed up for the next class. It's great that there are free online classes out there. If anybody knows of any more please post. Ty again!
  6. Tom62e
    It turns out they let you join some classes that are already in session. Im taking the "moons" class. Thank you again!
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