Bruce Betts Astronomy Course 2015

  1. Doug James
    Doug James
    If you want the basics this is an easy to follow course. More information should be available from the Planetary Society ( )
    I follow along off YouTube works out good for myself.

    Bruce Betts
    Wednesdays 3:00 – 4:30PM
    Course begins February 4, 2015
    Registration closes January 27, 2015
  2. Makuser
    Hi Doug. Thanks for letting us know about the new semester start date. The Bruce Betts courses are very educational, without going off the difficult deep end on cosmology and astro physics. Thanks again Doug, and I hope that anyone in this group here who hasn't taken this course yet, will sign up soon. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
  3. Desmocrat
    Is there a link to this course? I can only find links to the 2014 course.
  4. Makuser
    Hi Desmocrat. I think that Doug jumped the gun a little early with his post. These courses are usually started in the spring of the year. However, as you have already surmised, you can still view all 13 of the classes from the 2014 session, here at:

    Bruce Betts' Online College Intro Astronomy Course 2014 | The Planetary Society

    I hope this helps Desmocrat, and the best of regards.
  5. Desmocrat
    I watched a few of the 2014 videos a few weeks ago, thus my reason to be interested if a 2015 course will be offered. This guy cracks me up. Fun delivery of knowledge.
  6. Doug James
    Doug James
    This is it.

    Sorry it was so long in getting back to you.
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