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  1. JFD

    University of Copenhagen is offering a new MOOC titled
    "Origins - Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life."

    As I write this on October 22, the Web States "starts in 19 days"...
    As a fan of intelligent life and SETI, I find this course selection irresistible.
    Check out the introduction video and go sign up on Coursera.
    They will use biological information and astronomical information to tell Origins tale.

    Best Wishes
  2. JFD
    Hi All

    I had to come back to comment on the Origins class...
    Week one is ending and week two videos are already posted.
    Henning Haack, Prof and museum curator of the Natural History Museum of Denmark,
    and James Connelly handled week one.
    The course is enjoyable for the information and explanations.
    Forget about Stellar Nucleosynthesis and go watch the fantastic videos.
    Meteorite data is used to help explain solar system formation and evolution,
    and "a beautiful slice" is applied to a Meteorite fragment.
    My enthusiasm for the course out distances my ability to explain it satisfactorily.
    Go, get enrolled and enjoy the videos... You need not test, and the course is free.

    Best Wishes
  3. Makuser
    Hi John. Thanks for your update on the "Origins - Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life" course. This group has been rather slow this autumn. And, I'm not sure if it is due to the very inclement weather in the northeast lately, people busy winterizing their homes, or in my case, some health issues the last several weeks. So, I am now just starting to get caught up on things here. Thanks again for your report on this course John, and the best of regards.
  4. JFD
    Hi All

    Please allow me to comment further on the University of Copenhagen Origins MOOC.
    The class video segments were presented on Monday and Friday with two quiz deadlines
    within seven days. All tests were around ten questions except for the latest which was five questions.
    Some participants complained about the work load. A student with several other classes would
    be better served to know this beforehand. It caused me to submit work late and will impact my
    course score. A most interesting and rewarding presentation of material. Covers life from tales of
    the simplest origins, as well as elements, meteorites and extinctions. Makes one desire geology tools...

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