Coursera Philosophy and the Sciences

  1. JFD

    Philosophy and the Sciences has just begun at the University of Edinburgh.
    In an earlier post, it was dated as November but it started October 20th.
    There is a tie in with Zooniverse in weeks two and three.
    Week ones' videos are introductory and interesting.
    They request students write an article that will be peer reviewed.
    Dr. Michela Massimi, and Professor Duncan Pritchard are on stage in week one.

    Best Wishes
  2. JFD
    Just a short comment about the above course in case anyone was interested and was delayed.
    Week one had a brief practice quiz and there are welcome long time intervals between the weeks
    video presentation and the due date of the quiz. The peer review writing will bear on the course mark.
    Interesting, enjoyable, and worth a look... might not be too late...

    Best Wishes
  3. JFD
    Hi All

    A further comment on the Philosophy and the Sciences course at Edinburgh University.
    There are two peer review segments in the course, but three paths through it.
    A student can devide the class into two segments, either more philosophy or more
    science. In this way only half the course work need be completed. Path three would
    require completion of all the presented material. Since I missed the first essay, I
    must submit the second, and will have completed all the quiz sections.

    Best Wishes
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