Welcomes and Introductions

  1. Makuser
    1: Well, after the summer break, I decided to update this group to get ready for the new season. Since last May, we have gained 5 new members, with 2 of these in just the last couple of days, so I have updated the member's list this afternoon. Since we never had a Welcomes and Introductions thread before, please feel free to take this opportunity to introduce yourselves now.
    2: From the PMs that I received last spring, the Bruce Betts course was the favorite with most of you. You can go at your own speed, the homework is optional, and it is not at an astrophysics level. But, check in here frequently to see what is new, or if you find a new great free online astronomy course, start a new thread and tell us about it.
    3: I hope that all of you had a great summer, and best wishes now for a wonderful new fall season of fun astronomy courses.
  2. johnrfeeney
    hi everyone - my name is john, so glad that courses will be available to help me understand better this wonderful hobby
  3. Makuser
    62 members now. A warm welcome to our newest member daiwelly52. It's great to have you with us.
  4. GrandPrixChris
    Hi I'm Chris. I joined last year during the Introduction to Astronomy by Dr. Plesser through Coursera. Looking forward to, hopefully, educating myself this Fall and Winter!
  5. cherokee
    Hello everyone. Just call me Cherokee and I am glad to be a part of the group here. Like John I'm glad these courses are available to us and that this will give me a better understanding and knowledge of astronomy.
  6. Makuser
    63 members now. A warm welcome to Cherokee, and a welcome back to Chris. I can tell from the posts on here, and the PMs that I receive, that the Intro to the Night Sky course, and the Betts course, for those that want to go to the next level, but the without complex astro physics and math, are going to be a great one-two punch for us on here. Thanks again to Larkspeed for the new course information, and I hope that he joins us soon on here. Kindest of regards to all.
  7. Makuser
    We now have 64 members going into this autumn. A big welcome to gvart, our newest member.
  8. WileECoyote
    Hello...Steve here...I'm still recovering from Introduction to Astronomy by Dr. Plesser via Coursera...LOL
  9. GrandPrixChris
    Me too!
  10. olddogg60
    >I'm still recovering from Introduction to Astronomy by Dr. Plesser via Coursera...< A painful experience. That being the introduction, I would hate to see the regular course.
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