Welcomes and Introductions

  1. Makuser
    A warm welcome to Smonohan. I see where you are playing "catch up" on the "In The Night Sky: Orion" course, but you should enjoy this course very much. Keep us posted on your progress Smonohan, and the best of wishes on your home studies.
  2. Schmidtrock
    Hi and thanks for the welcome. I am enjoying the In the Night Sky:Orion course very much now. The first week was a bit blah but I had to remind myself it is geared for all levels of astronuts. It is really zipping right along now and has my brain humming. I really enjoyed delving into the mechanics of stars quite a bit. I just wish I had photography equipment to participate in that aspect. One thing at a time though :-) Orion is really distinct this winter, or is just that I know how to visualize it better now?
  3. Makuser
    A big welcome to our newest member, a100171 (Marc). I hope that you find one of the several online courses available in our discussion groups to your liking. Keep us posted as to your progress, and also what you like about any one (or more) particular course(s). Welcome to the group Marc, and best wishes on your home studies.
  4. Makuser
    A warm welcome to our newest member MikeWest (Mike). I hope that you find some great online courses that we have featured on here to enjoy. Keep us posted on your progress Mike, welcome to the group, and the best of wishes on your astronomy home studies.
  5. Makuser
    And another welcome to ruger4d4. When I first saw your introductory post, I thought "Ruger" too. I have a Ruger .22 Bull Nose, and it is a superb pistol. But now, you can set your sights on the heavenly targets. I hope that you find the many offerings of the online courses to your liking. Welcome to the group ruger4d4, and the best of wishes on your astronomy hobby and home studies.
  6. ruger4d4
    Thank you for the welcome! I have a question or maybe a couple. I am very interested in these programs. I have a new 8 month old baby and work 7 days a week most of the time. If I sign up for a course and am unable to do say 3 or 4 hours a week for some unseen reason. Will I be dropped from the course or can I just play catch up on what I have missed? Is it a specific start time and end for each course or can I take them whenever? Thanks in advance
  7. Desmocrat
    The Open University courses (Orion) seems to be an at-your-own-pace course. I think participation in the discussions should be done in a timely manner, but the rest seems to be open ended. After the course, they sent a link to further resources, so I think you can finish the course at your leisure.
  8. ruger4d4
    Thanks Desmocrat!
  9. Desmocrat
    I'm Steve from Kentucky. I do 3D modeling for the construction industry. I've been doing this for eighteen years. Before that I worked for sixteen years in the production of metal sculpture. I was introduced to astronomy while getting the merit badge in Boy Scouts. I recently moved back to the family's thoroughbred farm in central Kentucky and with dark skies, I was drawn back into it. I've been working through a few learning opportunities to determine if I might want to pursue a degree in astronomy. I will be retiring in the next few years and will need a project to do alongside of taking care of my part of the farm, I think chasing a degree will fill my time and I don't need to be concerned about earning a living afterward. I earned a degree in photography through the Air Force, and didn't really use it to make a living either (I did, publish two books on temple architecture of Kyoto, Japan and of Cambodia). If nothing else, I will probably try my hand at astro photography.
  10. Makuser
    A big welcome to our newest member, combat48 (Dave). And, it looks like you are already jumping into your home courses. Welcome to the group Dave, and best wishes on your home astronomy studies.
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