What area do you live in

  1. dodgerm37
    Well, they say there's one in every crowd. I live in the center of Mahoning County. The glow from Youngstoun is just north of me. Last night I located Uranus just as the dew monster came to visit. After all, it IS Ohio. Bob
  2. jeremy_c
    Norton, Ohio, Summit County but within a rocks throw of Medina and Wayne counties, right in the SW corner of Summit.
  3. NaCl
    Dayton area, just starting out in the hobby. No scope yet, just a pair of binoculars and a couple books.
  4. dodgerm37
    O.K.---Everybody--WAKE UP! Warmer weather is SLOWLY getting here. I'm currently wrestling with a ES 127 triplet that is very reluctant to focus. I've tried two threaded extension tube that came with it, the 35mm extension from the AD 12 and a 2x barlow all in line to get close. A 3" extension arrives tomorrow. I'm hoping with some combination I can get it to focus and figure out what is causing this problem. A while back someone mentioned the possibility of a star party. Just a thought. Clear skies, Bob
  5. dodgerm37
    Last night my 127 APO surrendered! Saturn, crisp and clear, sharp as a tack. After trying several combinations of focal extenders in various combinations, a single threaded extension brought it all together. Is anybody still out there? Bob
  6. Cruhl_the_wise
    Hello all. I live in Mt Vernon. That would be Knox County. Like roswellbob, I too am a member of the Richland Astronomical Society and call Warren Rupp Observatory home. Also being about 10 minutes from Kenyon College's, Miller Observatory, I view from their observatory grounds on occasion. With two great sites available to set up and view, I don't get out nearly as much as I'd like. When I do though I try to make the most of it!
  7. AstroMech
    I live in Beavercreek Oh, which is near Dayton. So I am on the other end of Ohio from all of you. I am looking for a good dark site. I will probably have to go north to do that. Out into the country.
  8. IndianaBob
    Far West side of Cleveland. 4-inch refractor, a bit unwieldy now, so I just ordered a 2.75" from Astronomics.

    Remarkably, man made satellites are readily visible.

    Dark skies,
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