Pettigrew State Park

  1. David57
    Hello folks,
    I just wanted to post about an event our club just held. We visited Pettigrew State Park and held a Messier Marathon. When we arrived, Friday the 16th, the wind was really blowing, however, by sunset it became dead calm. We set up our scopes at the boat ramp with a few others guys with scopes. Pettigrew is a very dark sky area, however, there are some very tall trees to the North. I am pleased with our results. We observed 97 of 110 Messiers. Observing went from just after sunset to 4:30 am. The temperature forecasted was a low in the mid 40's, however, it actually droped below freezing beford daylight. All of our scopes were covered in frost.
    If you like to camp and you like the dark sky, give Pettigrew a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.

    Clear Skies,

  2. Prowler75
    97 of 110 is very nice, David! Thanks for posting about Pettigrew, I have always been curious about this location and really want to try it out.
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