Fall Astronomy Day- September 30

  1. David57
    I read recently that September 30th is Fall Astronomy Day. Is anyone planning an event ?
    Our group, Crystal Coast Stargazers, will set up at the Graden- Paul Park in Beaufort, NC for a night of star gazing.
  2. MadMaxwellSmart
    Oh man David, how I wish I could get there for that! I know my wife would like it, not the Astronomy part, but being in Beaufort. Let me know how it turns out.
  3. Brodavid1953
    Hope you enjoy the night,
    Please give a report later on it
    Thanks for info
  4. David57
    So we had our, Fall Astronomy Day, event last night at Greyden Paul Park in Beaufort. It went really well I thought. Early in the evening as we were setting up we had thick cloud cover. This persisted off and on through out the night too but later it was thin wispy clouds with areas of clear sky. In all we had seven scopes set up. We mostly viewed the moon but between clouds also observed Saturn, some double stars, M13 and M15. This event was our first foray into sidewalk astronomy. As people went to and returned from dinner they stopped and viewed through our scopes. I have never had an event where someone did not say that they have never looked through a telescope before, tonight there were at least six. A few families stated that our event was the highlight of their weekend. Our group totally enjoyed this outreach and we defiantly will plan more. Hopefully with clear skies
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