Lunar imaging issues

  1. David57
    It has been stormy here lately, however last night I the sky cleared and there was the moon, bright and clear. So I quickly moved the 6"dob out, put on my projection eyepiece adapter with a 25mm eyepiece and ND filter, attached the Nikon, focused and imaged away. So this morning I loaded the images to my computer and every one had a line and a black dot on it Whats going on. All the images ruined I never observed the stuff in live view. Oh well, delete file.
    I then took the Nikon and blew out focuser and screen, fairly clean, then the eyepiece. Still not much dust. Finally I looked at the filter, well there it was, a nice fat fingerprint in the middle of the glass along with a black speck and a hair, like an eyelash.
    I am cleaning checking everything now.
  2. Brodavid1953
    Wow, so little can mess everything up. Clear skies and great shots.
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    David, sounds like the story of my nights of imaging, keep at it and double check everything before you shoot.
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